Members must sign in or out on the appropriate change of membership forms (link https://www.racehorseownership.ie/register-with-hri/registration-forms/)  and the agent must co-sign these documents. The Code of Conduct may also dictate how a person can leave or join a syndicate.
An Additional Syndicate Horse form (link https://www.racehorseownership.ie/register-with-hri/registration-forms/) must be lodged for each horse racing under the syndicate name. This form requires all the members to sign up to the new horse. Each member signing must have received and signed copy of the syndicates Code of Conduct.
No, HRI documents are not legally binding and for that reason HRI advises new and current owners to have a written agreement drawn up between themselves stating any private details of actual ownership etc. Ideally this should be witnessed by a solicitor.
Provided the company is registered with the Companies Registrar Office, an account can be opened up under the company name on the receipt of the correct documentation. For further information see here (link https://www.racehorseownership.ie/register-with-hri/company/why-a-company/)
As a sole owner, you must race under the name (or initials) that appear on your official identification. The other forms of ownership give options to race under a syndicate or partnership name.
Colours, Authority to Act, Syndicates and Partnerships etc are all renewed annually (unless otherwise stated) and are done so automatically. You will receive a cancellation correspondence in December ahead of the new year. It is t important to keep all registrations up-to-date in order to prevent any incorrect charges e.g. an authority to act for a past trainer or an old set of colours no long in use etc.
Yes, they still must register in Ireland if they are going to have a horse in training in this country with a licensed Irish trainer.
The horse can race under the syndicate name or alternatively under the agent’s name.
You can do this via the app here(link https://www.racehorseownership.ie/teamcolours/). Alternatively you can choose to call the Registrations Dept (045 455424) where a provisional check can be carried out.
Any cancellations of colours, authority to acts, syndicates or partnerships must be done in writing.

A Racing Club must have 2 agents, both need to be registered as owners in their own right. The agents carry out the administration responsibilities of the club.

The HRI account is then opened under the club name which then appears on the racecard as the owner. Learn more on how to register as a racing club here (link https://www.racehorseownership.ie/club/)

A partnership consists of 2-4 members. All members must be registered owners, but the first named partner only needs to have the colours and authority to act registered.

A partnership form needs to be lodged for each horse involved, the breakdown in costs determined by how the form is completed. 

When set up, the partnership operates through the existing ownership accounts - it does not set up a separate partnership account. Learn more about Partnerships here (link https://www.racehorseownership.ie/partnership/)

If all members are already registered owners and if the horse is already named, the partnership will be set up on the day the partnership form is lodged. If one or more of the members have to register as an owner, the partnership will not be set up until two days after the ownership forms have been lodged correctly.
Owner registration takes two working days, once all the correct paperwork is lodged e.g. if the forms are received in order on a Monday, the account is up and running on the Wednesday.
Sole Owner (4 cards), Syndicate (4 cards), Partnership (4 cards), Company (4 cards) and Club (4 cards). All ownership formats are also permitted to additional admissions. For more on ticketing see here (link https://www.racehorseownership.ie/tickets/)
30 characters (including spaces) are allowed including the word “Syndicate”.
A club has to have a minimum of 10 members with no limit on how many can join.
A syndicate allows for 5-100 members with just one of those members having to register as an owner and act as agent for the syndicate.

Sole owners and Syndicate accounts must lodge a minimum of €500 per horse, whilst racing clubs must lodge a minimum of €1,000. Partnerships can vary depending on their structure.

From the initial lodgement the relevant set up fees are charged, with the remaining balance then going towards entries, riding fees etc.

See here for a breakdown of fees (https://www.racehorseownership.ie/Budget-and-Costs/)

AIR (01-6760911) manages all queries relating to lost or damaged AIR cards.
The partnership form allows you to select a partnership name no longer than 30 characters including spaces and the term “Partnership”. This is for racecard purposes only.
Agent must submit a letter confirming: 1) Wishes to resign 2) Who the new agent is 3) Transferring colours & account balance to the new agent 4) Confirming if he is remaining a member or not. The new agent must then 1) Register as an owner 2) Complete a colours & authority to act form 3) Get all members to resign Syndicate forms for each horse still in the Syndicate. 
Sole owners (1 member), Syndicates (5-100 members), Partnerships (2-4 members), Clubs (unlimited) and Companies are the various ownership options available. To learn more on your ownership option see here (link https://www.racehorseownership.ie/where-to-start/owner-options/)
All syndicate and clubs must have a Code of Conduct in place. This document should outline all elements of how the syndicate or club is to be managed and member entitlements. HRI can request to see this document at any time. All members must sign and receive a copy of the code of conduct. It should also be signed by the agent.
All sole owners and partners will have a HRI account. In the case of syndicates, clubs and companies there will be one account, which the agent can access. This account is used for racing administration charges, race associated fees and prizemoney. You can also pay your trainer and associated fees from you HRI account, on request.
AIRO is the Association of Irish Racehorse Owners. You can contact the AIRO on 045 878173 for information on the association and details on membership.
The agent will be the point of contact with HRI. The appointed agent will need to register as an owner in his/her own right. For more on  syndicates see here (link https://www.racehorseownership.ie/syndicate/)
Your AIR card is your admission card on days where you have a runner.

An Authority To Act is an agreement whereby a Registered Owner authorises a Licensed Trainer (or their duly appointed sub-agent) to act on their behalf for the administrative purposes associated with the training of a Racehorse. It is an annual charge.

This authority to act allows the appointed trainer carry out various racing administration in relation to returning horses in/out of training, update to ownership detail, entries and declarations. Authority To Act agreements allow for the efficient and fluent administration of racing by the trainer.

However, we strongly recommend that Owners take cognisance of the power that they are bestowing on a Trainer when registering an Authority To Act agreement.

All account holders will have access to RÁS, which is the HRI online accounting facility to manage and access your account.

Horse Racing Ireland has a designated Ownership Department to assist both new and existing owners. To meet the team and learn about all things Ownership please see www.racehorseownership.ie.

The cost of making colours can vary depending on where you get them made.

We would advise you to initially consult with your trainer who may have someone in their locality. Alternatively contact Horse Racing Ireland, for the details of Kildare based producers.

Under the Data Protection Act 1988 no individual, other than the registered owner, will have account access unless the owner has given written permission.
Any prize money won by the owner will be lodged into your HRI owner account. For the owner to withdraw money from their HRI account bank account details are required. HRI will not have the ability to withdraw money from your bank account – it is only for making lodgements.

For a horse to race under your name, syndicate, partnership etc, you must register these details with HRI. Registering as an owner with HRI is for race track purposes and is not relevant to point-to-pointing.